‘Burrum ~ Wine O’clock’


The archetypal Australian summer holiday scene, the caravan, the beach and afternoon drinks. Cheers!!

My first outing with my watercolour paints, my Christmas present from my darling little girls. I had fun and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Ink, watercolour paint and pencil on A3 300gsm




No, I don’t dance. Well, I used to, sort of, when I was at school. I think everyone who went to a country school in our time learnt how to dance. The monthly dance was held at the local hall and was a  great family  night out and we got to stay up really late. There we would do our best with our progressive Barn dance or the ‘Pride of Erin’. I never tried to dance the Tango but would love to learn one day.

My drawing comes from a photo I found online while looking for people being passionate about what they do. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Pelican Take Off

Pelicans are majestic in flight. They are the B-52s of the marine birds almost seeming to heavy to fly. Here in Hervey Bay they are very tolerant of humans perhaps because the local fisherman are very generous with providing scraps for dinner.

This is one of my experiments that I’m not totally happy with. The drawing of the pelican is good. This is my first attempt at using my new Mepxy brush markers and they are very different to any other media I’ve used before. Tips and suggestions would be welcome.

Burrum Shell

Being away on holidays at our beach house at Hervey Bay,  gives me both the time and inspiration for practicing my artwork. Our family loves to go for long walks along the beach and look for shells that have been washed up the beach on the high tide. My little girls love collecting ones that catch their eye being careful that there isn’t a little creature still living inside. The other afternoon they brought back a small bucket full which they washed and sorted into different shapes and colours.

The one I drew is very common along the beach sometimes they are complete but this one I appealed to me. This shell has been worn down over time and would no longer provide protection for anyone. With the centre spiral exposed I can appreciate the helix structure inside. In my drawing I have strived to capture the shadows and colours,

‘Mouse at a Fountain’ – pencil sketch

Today, our family joined several other families at New Farm Park for Autism Queensland’s “Dad’s Day Out BBQ”. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and we set up our chairs on under the old fig trees overlooking the Brisbane River. The kids had a ball playing and climbing trees. I did enjoy making some new friends but there was also time to do this sketch.

'Mouse at a Fountain'

‘Mouse at a Fountain’

I loved the ornate shape of the water fountain that was near to where we were sitting. I could imagine it being turned on a lathe like the leg of a table or a lampstand. I’m sure my 9 year old daughter drinking at the fountain pre-dates  this item of street furniture.

‘Good Morning Beautiful!’

"Good Morning Beautiful!" - sepia filter

“Good Morning Beautiful!” – sepia filter

Annie is very beautiful. This sketch is my attempt to capture that beauty in the light of a new day. I love you!

My sketch is in pencil on Watercolour Board which gives it a lovely texture. I wish I could have drawn it in sepiatone, but I don’t have the right materials at the moment. I used the filter on my smart phone to get the sepia affect. The original is shown below.

"Good Morning Beautiful!" - pencil

“Good Morning Beautiful!” – pencil

‘Tear Down’

'Tear Down'

‘Tear Down’

When I’m down and not feeling well, I become uncertain and insecure about my place in the world. My senses are heightened. I miss read non verbal cues or misunderstand what’s said. Then  I believe that I am upsetting or disappointing people and the relationships I have  with my nearest and dearest are about to fall apart. My thinking is no longer  logical or based on what I know deep down to be true but at that point in time they are very really

My darling will attest to the fact that when I’m low I look for an argument or a dispute that will prove to myself that the gloom and doubt is reality. I close down and I believe the stories in my head that tell me that everything in my world is being demolished and I am alone with my love lying broken on the ground. Just like the guy at the bus stop. Dejected and alone.